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Ceiling Tiles for Office Acoustics

Jan 15, 2015 Workspace Design

By CSR Ceilector Ceiling Solutions

In order for people in the workplace to perform at their highest standard, a good sound environment is imperative. Unwanted sounds can increase the feeling of stress and can lower motivation levels in employees. However, providing a good sound environment is one of the most rewarding investments a business can make.

Since offices are places for knowledge transfer and interaction, a good sound environment minimises unwanted sounds such as people, phones, office equipment and ventilation, but supports sounds that contain information. This ultimately contributes to increased wellbeing & job satisfaction, improved levels of concentration & communication as well as fewer errors, more attempts at solving difficult tasks and increased accuracy.

In order to design the best possible conditions for the office work environment, it must firstly be determined which activities will take place in that area, and what the sound preferences are for that particularly activity because different office activities have different acoustic needs. It is this interaction between the person, the room and the activity that decides the room acoustic comfort, which ultimately contributes to human wellbeing. For example, a reception area represents a company to the outside world, and entrances often have hard surfaces to withstand wear and tear, but also need to be area where visitors and staff can speak clearly without being disturbed by surrounding noises, or having their noise travel. Therefore, a highly absorbent ceiling panel may be required to create a visually pleasing, but good acoustic environment for visitors and staff. Or, take a meeting room. This is an area where there is usually much discussion and presentations, and therefore a low sound level should be prioritised.  Often, meeting rooms are also used to discuss sensitive matters, and so achieving confidentiality and privacy requirements is desired. Consequently to create a functional acoustic environment in a meeting room, the space could be designed to include acoustic wall & ceiling panels to absorb sound to create high speaker comfort whilst achieving a low sound strength.

By setting strict and carefully considered room acoustic requirements such as sound level, reverberation or speech clarity, this can dramatically affect room acoustic comfort levels, without dramatically affecting costs. Now by combining the technology that exists for acoustic ceiling tiles, free hanging ceiling panels and wall absorbers, with the incredible design possibilities on hand, office premises can highly benefit as these good room acoustics can make people feel better, work better and heal better.

For more information regarding acoustic ceiling & wall panels please contact Ceilector on 1300 374 253 or visit Ceilector’s website www.ceilector.com.au

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