9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

World FM Day Breakfast

Celebrate World FM Day 2022 with a delicious and informative breakfast that reflects on this years theme of 'Leading a Sustainable Future'

11 May 2022
Smart Buildings Theatre
7:30am - 10AM


The FMA VIC Branch Committee invites you to join them in celebrating World FM Day 2022 with a breakfast at TFX on Wednesday 11 May, located right on the show floor at the Smart Buildings Theatre.

With a focus on this years theme of ‘Leading a Sustainable Future’, hear from Bob Sharon from IoT and a representative from Jemena. Bob will shed light on the importance of cyber security around environmental, social and governance sectors to ensure that new technological measures are secure, as well as provide attendees with an awareness of risks and how to mitigate these. Jemena will share ways in which they are increasing efficiencies across their pipelines and grids in an aim of attaining net zero emissions as an energy distributor, and how they are continually enhancing their asset management focus.

Attendees will enjoy some delicious breakfast options and also the opportunity to network with fellow industry peers.

Facility Managers: Tomorrow’s superheroes of the circular economy

After kickstarting your day with some of the world’s finest coffees, Mitch Monaghan, Nespresso Australia’s passionate coffee ambassador, will share how you, facility managers, are set to help save the planet.

Having been on the ground in several of Nespresso’s coffee-growing regions, Mitch has seen first-hand the meaningful differences a rigorous responsible sourcing program makes to the lives of coffee farmers, their communities and neighbouring ecosystems. And in regularly speaking with businesses and consumers, he also knows they are demanding more than lip-service to sustainability and companies like Nespresso, need to be stewards for the full life cycle of their products.

Facility managers are already the unsung heroes that help drive success in Nespresso’s recycling program for workplaces. As Australia and the world rapidly transition from a linear, consumption-driven economy to a sustainable circular economy, facility managers will be superheroes in this new landscape.

The FMA breakfast is fully sold out. Register to attend TFX for more networking opportunities to celebrate World FM Day with the broader FM community.

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