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Taking a Stand: Tennant Company on exhibiting at Total Facilities

Forward-thinking companies exhibit at Total Facilities to attract big business and stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. We chat to one of them - Rebecca Wall at Tennant Company, Australia's leader in creating global cleaning solutions.

More than 145 companies exhibited at Total Facilities in March this year, celebrating ideas, connections and opportunities at Australia’s single most important facilities management event.

For Rebecca Wall, Marketing Specialist at Tennant Company, four years of exhibiting at Total Facilities is a strategic move. Crucially, it enables the business to directly access key decision makers within the industry, who form most of the event’s attendees.

“It’s about the quality, where we can directly hit the power behind the money,” she says. “We also exhibit for exposure and industry relevance – keeping an active presence in front of new and existing customers,” she says.

Tennant Company is a well-established leader in cleaning solutions with a proud 147-year heritage. To appeal to the key decision makers walking through the door, their stand this year displayed several key technologies ec-H2O NanoClean™, IRIS® Asset Manager, ReadySpace® and products that celebrate the brand’s history and cement its strong position in the market.

For example, innovation is one of its guiding global principles and the stand showcased its ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology, a green cleaning innovation which electrically converts water into an innovative cleaning solution that is chemical free.

“At the moment, this is one of our newest technologies and a third-party study by EcoForm™ has shown Tennant’s chemical free solution significantly reduces the impact of cleaning operations in seven key categories: energy, CO2 emissions, ozone, smog, acid, eutrophication, and particulates. Exhibiting it in person enables us to demonstrate exactly how it works and then generate interest,” she says.

They also offer free product demonstrations followed by a free site survey once they’ve established how to best help their potential customer. This can often result in a faster sale process than through lead generation online.

“Customers already know what we do, but by offering free demonstrations and site surveys really puts us closer to being over the line at the trade show rather than gathering cold leads,” she says.

Interestingly, she says that decision makers typically arrive already seeking answers and products to specific problems. And that offers an opportunity for lead generation in addition to the company’s online and digital marketing strategies.

“These customers are coming to us 90 per cent of the time already knowing what they want, and therefore it’s about selling the Tennant solution more than just the machine,” Wall says.

As a result, Tennant Company ensures it uses senior staff for the event, which enables business owners and operators to speak informally and face to face with Tennant’s staff about tailoring higher level solutions.

While all customers are looking for cleaner floors, Tennant’s business is also about providing factory direct service and available financing, which are aspects customers may not think they need but realise they do when qualified.

“At a trade show, you can really attract accurate lead generation,” Wall says. “It’s about having a conversation with someone about solving a problem and what we can do to help them solve it.”

Despite the strong take-up of digital strategies in most forward-thinking businesses, Tennant Company is a firm believer in the power of events such as Total Facilities and will be back in 2018 continuing their four year relationship.

“The show is about having the right conversations, in the right marketplace at the right time of the year. Then leveraging off multiple publications and our digital presence allows us to remain relevant for our markets and ”˜move with the times’,” Wall says.

Find out more at http://au.tennantco.com

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