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Workforce Guidance by Daelibs taking FM industry into real-time

Feb 15, 2022 Technology

The Facilities Management industry has been challenged to respond faster and with more compliance than ever before. Luckily Australia is home to one of the most advanced technology platforms that is leading the way both at home and throughout Asia.

Australian technology platform Workforce Guidance by Daelibs, has become a beacon of inspiration during the Covid pandemic providing much-needed real time rapid response. The Daelibs platform has been ahead of its time since launching in 2014, offering a quickly deployed facilities management solution that automates workforce task provision from sensors and workorders whilst displaying live situational intelligence including location of personnel, conditions throughout a precinct, and capturing of incidents and occurrences with user defined forms.

Never before has the industry been so in need of real time information about cleanliness and security along with the ability to respond rapidly.  The past two years has moved rapid response technology from a “nice to have” to a “must have” and Daelibs is riding the crest of this wave.

man holding ipad showing daelibs audit

Because Daelibs’ business success has largely been based on professional relationships and one on one consultations, the Total Facilities expo is an important and timely opportunity to meet clients in person. Managing Director of Daelibs, Michael Jones said the team is excited to attend the Total Facilities Show so they can finally start meeting people again. “We always receive a strong number of leads from attending Total Facilities, at our very first show back in 2014 we collected over 100 just from a business card bowl on our booth,” said Jones. “This is in addition to the key industry players we have personal discussions with, and we are tipping the 2022 show will be even more exciting as we have new features to launch,” he said.

The company is set to showcase many new features to existing customers, and also introduce the platform to new clients who are hungry for solutions. Typical installations include office buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, universities and even entire precincts such as “Place” – a one million square metre rollout at spanning from Darling Harbour to the Opera House that the company recently activated. “The scope of implementation is endless. From the people movement and occupancy monitoring at Darling Harbour, to one of our 300 plus shopping centre installations that typically monitor multiple workforces such as cleaners, security, waste management, and contractors” said Michael Jones.

man pressing ipad on wall

One advantage of the Daelibs system is the inexpensive beacon based hardware that communicates with the platform. For example, a retro-fit of a 51 story building can be completed in only 10 days. “Property owners have been excited to learn we can implement the systems so quickly and the platform can monitor so many variables such as workforce location, occupant sentiment, occupancy levels, service requests, bathroom consumable levels to name a few – we can incorporate anything that requires situational intelligence,” said Michael.

Covid has also challenged the industry’s requirements of turn-around time to fix problems. “With a typical incident, whether it be a leaking tap in a bathroom or a detection of too many people in an occupancy restricted area, the time to respond using traditional manual methods can be up to three hours,” said Jones. “These days that’s just too slow so our platform can inform occupants immediately in situ and if response is needed can close out a task typically within 6 minutes,” he said.

map - daelibs motorola

The key to the platform’s success is the wireless communications between central operations, to beacons, sensors, kiosks and hand held mobile devices for staff. As part of the staff login they introduced a step to capture that person’s Covid status. The company also introduced voice control for their service kiosks to eliminate the need for contact. This level of speed and health security has been embraced by new clients looking for gold star service for both their employees and building occupants.

Daelibs is sponsoring the Total Facilities Digital Building Zone, which is located between Total Facilities and DesignBUILD 2022. The zone offers visitors a view of digital solutions and technological advancements across the planning, design and building phase.

“The comeback of trade events is very important for us,” said Jones. “We don’t undertake above-the-line advertising but build relationships and face to face meetings so we really rely on Total Facilities to deliver the right audience,” he said.

You’ll be able to visit Daelibs at their own stand this May. Register free for TFX 2022 here and be sure to meet the team and view their full range of products and services. 


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