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Sound Masking, what’s all the noise about?

Jun 22, 2020 Technology

It is safe to say that most of us have experienced the open office environment at some point in our working lives where the main complaints are “it's too noisy” and/or “it's too quiet”.

Sound masking systems were developed to reduce distraction and improve privacy in office environments which is achieved by raising the ambient noise level to audibly blur conversations in open/adjacent workspaces. By introducing a low-level background noise in the vocal spectrum, the ambient sound level

becomes more uniform, and noisy distractions, including speech, are muffled by the sound masking. This makes the environment more comfortable, workers more productive and providing speech privacy.

Sound masking can be used anywhere speech privacy or speech confidentiality is required and, in any workspace, to reduce distractions and improve productivity. The most typical installations are open office plans, private offices, and public spaces however benefits can be seen across the below applications:

  • Open-plan offices
  • Closed offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Reception areas
  • Retail
  • Hotels
  • Financial institutions
  • Health Facilities
  • Call centres
  • Education
  • Government/military
  • Professional services and more.

Roadworx Sound Masking by MadisonAV offers an innovative, simple, and intelligently designed solution to the problems of speech privacy and acoustic distractions. Using sound level sensors, the adaptive volume control system provides an unparalleled optimisation of both acoustic comfort and effective sound masking. The adaptive system means the Sound Masking is far less noticeable as it changes with the ambient noise levels.

Proven to be an uncomplicated solution for decreasing distraction and increasing confidentiality in a variety of environments, Sound Masking is an essential part of the acoustic environment that is the modern office space.

For more information, contact MadisonAV on 1800 00 77 80 or connect@madisonav.com.au | www.madisonav.com.au

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