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Rethinking Preventive Maintenance for the HVAC/R industry

Jul 20, 2020 Technology

The Air Conditioning & Refrigeration industry is changing, no longer do building managers want to pay tradesman to come out to their sites and check equipment that may not require certain checks. Sense IoT has the right solutions to optimise the process.

Out with the old – in with the new

Filters being washed that do not require washing, checking gas pressure that releases gas every single time a check is performed – which can lead to lower gas changes and further faults occurring, setting up ladders in built-up office space areas causing disruption, heightened OH&S hazards with technicians opening up electrical panels…the list could go on.

With IoT fast becoming a buzz word in the HVAC/R industry building managers are looking for ways to implement IoT into their building without breaking the bank.


Implementing IoT into the HVAC/R industry could potentially cut Preventive Maintenance checks by 50% onsite time. This means, less OH&S issues, site checks of units can be done at any time, and no longer will your tenants be disturbed by maintenance work. Mind you, site checks still need to be carried out, but these can be cut down to ½ yearly, with online checks in-between. This allows for cost savings, and more effective checks done when the technician is onsite because they will know what needs attending to and what can wait until future maintenance checks.

With IoT sensors monitoring nearly all Mechanical Services from pump operations and amperage draws, to Air Conditioning filter conditions and temperature readings, carbon monoxide readings, refrigeration and freezer conditions – the IoT sensors can monitor your assets around the clock.

Don’t get stuck in the ‘old times’ of waiting for faults to occur and then calling the mechanical service company, scheduling in time for them to come to the site, find the issue, order parts, return to the site to repair the issue, only to find that there are further faults. Instead, pre-empt the faults by using Sense IoT’s monitoring sensors to send you a personal email & text the moment any of your monitored equipment moves outside of its optimal operating conditions.

For more details head to Senseiot.com.au or send their friendly team an email to enquires@senseiot.com.au

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