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3D Technology to capture your environment

Mar 4, 2019 Technology

Digital building models have evolved and are set to make a positive impact on facilities management.

With so much potential data to be digitized within the facilities management industry, it’s crucial to be able to harness, store and easily share this information with internal staff and contractors – both on and off site. Thankfully, a holistic method to garnering, managing and sharing these data sets is now here.

The facilities management industry is experiencing a shift towards the necessity for accessing this data remotely – especially as companies grow and expand. The recent advances in hardware development for gathering this additional data, and ‘anchoring’ them to specific spaces or areas – meaning anyone can seamlessly collect this data just from pressing a couple of buttons.

How does the technology work?

Matterport technology offers a unique advantage for innovative industry leaders. It offers True 3D™ laser scanning technology to create a highly accurate (99.6%) digital, virtual model of spaces within a matter of seconds, which users can then integrate and anchor their applicable data into. Within the realm of facilities management, this could be used for damage reports, maintenance, quality control, security and OH&S.

These digitised spaces can be remotely accessed online by multiple stakeholders, who can then interact, analyse and update data on the asset within the 3D models for maximum and comprehensive efficiency.

3D evolved future

The world of digital 3D models is evolving. Eventually, hundreds of live datasets will be seamlessly fed into what we call ‘Digital Twins’ throughout the world – not only within buildings but whole cities – paving the way for real time updates and tweaks through a multiverse of layered data. The future is here, and we’re right on the crest of the wave.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how this technology can benefit your facility talk to SCANN3D at Stand A29. Register now for free entry.
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