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How your water usage can impact sustainability credentials

As Total Facilities water sponsor, Billi knows a few things about sustainability. The company specialises in instant filtered water systems and was front and centre at Total Facilities 2018 delivering its message about the importance of reducing our green footprint through water sustainability. Post the event, we caught up with Billi’s marketing manager, Adrian Cugnetto.

Q. Tell us a little about Billi. What’s your point of difference?

We deliver the very best in instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water. We are proudly Australian made, but also have strategic alliances in many countries around the world. Our core products are energy efficient and we are very proud to be one of the only brands in our category to carry GreenTag certification. Billi’s core range of product recovers the waste heat energy produced in the chilling process to preheat the boiling water, enabling our systems to achieve substantial energy savings.

Q. How was Total Facilities for Billi this year?

As you know, we are strong supporters of the event and this year we were really impressed. We had a 6m x 3m stand showcasing our range of products, and as Total Facilities’ water sponsor we also had stations around the event offering free water. Together, these led to a lot of high-level conversations and as a result of our promotion for a free site audit, we are already driving new sales. With not many FM shows out there, this is our chance for brand building and to improve brand awareness, which we believe we did successfully this year.

Q. What is the value of incorporating green measures into building projects?

The most obvious response is that our products save money. In the FM space, this is a key driving factor over and above annual new releases or architectural aesthetics. The fact that we have put a lot of energy into innovation has enabled us to stay ahead in the marketplace, where we are recognised for our excellent quality, reliability, service and suitability.

Q. What are the long-term consequences for not incorporating green values?

Specifications for buildings and the like will continue to require more sustainable fit-outs. Energy efficiencies will help operate buildings at lower costs and long-term investments in this area will continue to grow. Building owners who can see that we have GreenTag accreditation are more likely to choose us because they can see we deliver a green footprint, as well as financial savings.

Q. What does the partnership mean to Billi?

Billi has been involved with Total Facilities for several years and we see it being important as our product is ideal for filtered water solutions. With our focus on innovation, the facility management segment is a long-term strategy for Billi to continue to grow in this space. Billi is a growing company and we have experienced huge growth year on year. We are passionate about providing our clients with an ideal filtered water solution backed by a quality product and service.

Billi is a supporter of Total Facilities and sponsored water to provide visitors free filtered and boiling water onsite this year. To see more of what happened at the nation’s most prized FM event, click here. 

About the Author: Annie Reid

Annie Reid is a qualified journalist, professional copywriter and published author with a passion for everything bricks and mortar. For many years, she’s written thousands of stories for newspapers, magazines and clients around the world. Somewhere between the heady buzz of headlines and deadlines, she discovered a niche for creating tailor-made content for the property, real estate, architecture and design industries. Annie holds a Bachelor of Arts and is currently studying a Masters in Publishing and Communications, both from the University of Melbourne.

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