9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Case study: Solar power taking the lead

An increasing amount of commercial companies are taking the next step in preserving energy by adopting Solar power.

Our sun soaked country Australia is the ideal setting for solar power to be introduced, and an increasing amount of large commercial buildings are taking the steps to incorporate solar panels as part for their energy management and production.

From 2016-2017 in Australia, solar generation increased by 18%, with electricity generation from renewable energy seeing an overall increase of 16%. Although not huge leaps, these statistics show a change that can continue  to increase if more  industries evaluate their energy management. As well as saving the planet, financial goals are a huge factor when facilities managers look into improving their energy efficiency and there are providers out there, such as Shine On, who can help companies see a significant return on their investment.

An energy efficient investment

Shine On use both LED lighting and solar installations to provide facilities with energy efficient solutions that save money on their energy use in both the short and long term. They recently worked with printing company John Herrod & Associates to upgrade their lighting. Having previously upgraded their lights to LED with Shine On in 2015, the company was looking for other ways to offset recent increases in electricity costs. They also wanted to increase their energy efficiency and decrease their environmental footprint, in this case solar power seemed like the natural progression.

In the decision making process for John Herrod, Shine On provided a bespoke feasibility report for the company, which included a full review of their annual usage, solar irradiation data, PV design and complete financial return expectations. The 99.84kW solar solution gave them access to upfront government subsidies while generating 15% of their annual power usage.  Shine On received positive feedback from Director of John Herrod & Associates Chris Scott:

“We worked with Shine On for our LED upgrade which went really well and this solar project felt like the natural progression. The installation went seamlessly, the tradespeople were professional and efficient, and I can highly recommend Shine On to anyone looking to install commercial solar on their premises”.

Solar powered results

John Herrod’s new solar power system produces approximately 116,915 kW a year which is equivalent to powering 17 average Australian homes. At least 15% of their electricity will now be powered completely using the solar panels, offsetting 2610 tonnes of CO2 over 25 years. In terms of finance, in the first year John Herrod will be saving $17,866 in electricity costs, and looking long term over 25 years, this is around $600,000, with their investment payback period being 5 years.

The stats demonstrate that it pays to invest in solar energy, and although this might not be the first step for most commercial companies when investing in energy efficiency, it is a worth while long-term goal.

If you want to find out more about energy solutions and products for your company, talk to Shine On at Stand H54 this year at Total Facilities. Register online for free now.


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