9-11 May 2023
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Billi: Championing Water Sustainability

As TFX’s water sponsor, Billi knows a lot about sustainability. This year, the company announced a new partnership with Waterlogic, bringing about a number of benefits for Billi customers. We spoke to Billi’s national sector director - FM, John Dykes, to find out more.

What does Billi do?

Billi is a proudly independent, Australian made company that manufactures and delivers instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water. As Total Facilities’ official water sponsor, you may have tried their products at this year’s event.

Its core products are not only energy efficient, but also one of the only brands in its category to carry gold GreenTag certification. Billi’s core range of product recovers the waste heat energy produced in the chilling process to preheat the boiling water, enabling systems to achieve substantial energy savings.

“No one else in our industry has this certification,” Dykes says. “From cradle to grave, it’s an analysis of Billi from procurement through to our supply chain, and service. Cost is king, service is important and somewhere in between is green credentials, which facility managers have a responsibility to meet.”

Tell us about your partnership!

This year, Billi is back bigger than ever following a brand-new partnership with Waterlogic, a global distributer that specialises in water filtration and purification around the world.

As well as an injection of capital into human resources, the partnership will mean greater access to a wider range of Waterlogic’s products, on the back of its global business.

For example, the company has huge reach through its immense research and development arm; a highlight being its advanced Firewall technology – the first of its kind. It eliminates 99.99 per cent of germs in its drinking water, 100 per cent of the time.

“It’s an exciting time for us with new thoughts and new ideas,” Dykes says. “It will enable different things to be done with Waterlogic’s water products that complement ours, such as their freestanding water drinking systems.”

Investment will also be made in Billi’s current Australian manufacturing facility, based in Thomastown, transforming it into a centre of excellence.

“This investment will take it to the next level,” he says.

How will the new partnership benefit customers?

According to Dykes, the partnership will enable Billi to provide an exemplary third-party service partner experience, where the emphasis is on ‘partner.’

“We don’t want to be reactive,” he says. “We want skin in the game where the product performance, to experience and service is exactly the same.”

This means building a deeper understanding of their clients’ specific needs, and then working with them individually to help them achieve their unique performance requirements.

“We’re big fans of our service,” Dykes says. “We not only manufacture a world-class product in Australia, but also offer a brilliant service, and we want our footprint to go global.”

One of the best ways to do this?

“Total Facilities is a key part of understanding and engaging clients,” Dykes says.

Billi has been involved with the event for several years now, and he sees it as an important way to connect with the many facility managers and C-suite attendees.

This year, Total Facilities means a chance to showcase to clients more than the under-the-sink products Billi is recognised for – it’ll become a one-stop-shop for everything water with a comprehensive range of products to see.

“Come and meet our team, as those that know Billi will also get to see some Waterlogic products that complement ours as well,” Dykes says.

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