9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

A new era in sustainable water management

The launch of Caroma’s Smart Command® intelligent bathroom management system provides an opportunity for facilities to improve their water sustainability and reduce costs.

In Australia, it can be particularly crucial to keep both urban and rural settings running with clean water. Australian rainfall can vary greatly from year to year, nevertheless 40% of Australia has rainfall of less than 300mm per year. The opportunity for large commercial buildings to adopt water management processes is an integral step in maintaining sustainable water use.

The potential of Smart Command®

Caroma have been providers of bathroom solutions for over 75 years in Australia. They developed the first two-button Dual Flush toilet in the world, as well as Smartflush® technology which further reduced water consumption to only 4.5L/3L. The combination of both, saving up to 70% less water than the original single flush system.

In 2018, Caroma took the next step in addressing a new era of sustainable building management with the launch of Smart Command®. Building owners will be able to monitor and control water use in real time and make smarter decisions to conserve water and reduce maintenance costs whilst improving hygiene, wellbeing and improving facility uptime.

Smart Command® continuously collects data which can then be accessed straight at your fingertips from a mobile app, integrated to existing building management systems or on cloud platforms. This remote monitoring can ensure faster fault diagnosis and accurate and efficient cleaning deployment.

Preserving our most critical resource

Innovation Director for Caroma, Dr. Stephen Cummings has been at the forefront of Caroma’s history, having pioneered the first Dual Flush cisterns in the world, and is now the inventor of Smart Command®. Dr. Cummings and his team have been developing the technology for five years, and it is now ready to be available for facility managers. He explains that:

“While advancements in smart technology have transformed our ability to monitor and manage other critical resources and functions in digital buildings, such as power, lighting and ventilation, similar opportunities in commercial water management have yet to be unlocked. That is, until now.”

If you would like to hear more from Dr. Stephen Cummings, he is discussing ‘Smart Sustainable Solutions’, alongside an expert panel, this year at Total Facilities’ Speaker Series.

Future designed water management for today

In line with the launch of Smart Command®, the Institute of Sustainable Futures at the University Technology Sydney, has released a new report, “The Bathroom of The Future” which explores the evolution of water management in commercial developments and the opportunity presented by intelligent water systems.

Data collected from fixtures in bathrooms at an A-Grade Commercial Development in Australia undergoing a trial of Caroma’s Smart Command® system, were analysed as part of this research report and have provided preliminary insights to the opportunity presented by this technology.

Professor Stuart White, Head of The Institute of Sustainable Futures, said: “Analyses of pilot data collected from Smart Command® has revealed that real-time performance management ensures faults can be identified accurately and rectified effectively, minimising water leakage.”

“Projecting into the future, the ability to monitor and influence behaviour could provide benefits in a range of specialist applications, such as the health sector, peak demand for bathroom facilities, and general health behaviour change. And Intelligent Bathroom Systems will play a role in creating smart cities of the future, with the collection of real-time end-use data for the non-residential sector and mixed-use buildings allowing for better planning outcomes at precinct and wider city scales.”

If you would like to learn more about sustainable water solutions, you can find Caroma at Stand F16 at Total Facilities 2019. Register for free now to attend.
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