9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Session Information

11-May, 11:00 - 12:00

The Smarter Building

Smart Buildings Theatre

According to the International Energy Agency, buildings account for 55% of global energy demand. A smart building environment saves energy, lowers CO2 footprints, and contributes to sustainability goals. In today’s environment, an efficiently managed building is not enough. It must also be intelligently networked to provide real time information to multiple stakeholders who need to take swift decisions to ensure the security, safety and comfort of its occupants as well as protect the longevity of its assets.
Smarter buildings use a standardized building automation system and data analytics across all building functions like lighting control, HVAC, blinds, energy efficiency, renewable energy, visualization and presence detection, combining core building systems with the electrical and mechanical infrastructure to provide meaningful data to ensure sustainability targets are met. Whatever the building, the smart building concept provides a future-proof solution that delivers results. The smart building provides a building block for the smart cities of the future.

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