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Solatube – Exhibition Park Canberra

Nov 14, 2014 Products

Building Type: Events Venue
Location: Mitchell, ACT

Exhibition Park Canberra is an events venue owned by the ACT Government. The pavilion can be used by any small group or organisation to entertain or sell merchandise. The company is looking to reduce its carbon footprint and the energy costs of the complex, both from its own perspective and that of the clients who rent the venue.
As well as the company priority to reduce their carbon footprint and running costs, EPIC were looking to create a healthy and sustainable workplace environment for their employees, and to improve the quality of lighting in order to enhance the marketing of the venue. Prior to the Solatube installation there was no daylight.

The project used a commercial Solatube Daylighting System to allow daylight into the building, and to reduce the high energy costs associated with lighting a big venue, 61m x 30m. A total of 44 330DS Daylighting Systems were installed in the space. The Daylighting System is extremely versatile, incorporating a dimmer technique allowing clients who need darker lighting the flexibility to do so. Highly effective daylight is now evenly dispersed throughout the venue, a result that was found to exceed expectations.

Products Used
44 x 330DS (530mm Daylighting System) with OptiView Diffuser

I would encourage all organisations, business and Government to use daylight to help reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. Solatube provided a flexible solution for us to effectively upgrade an old building without compromising our clients needs. In fact, I expect it will help us to promote the venue to new clients.” – Liz Clarke General Manager, EPIC.



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