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KONE opens the door to streamlined medical care

Oct 23, 2014 Products

In a busy operating theatre, laboratory or clean room environment, hygiene can make all the difference to patient outcomes. Noise reduction, air-pressure control and accessibility are also essential. So KONE has developed a unique hermetic door specifically for the needs of medical facilities.

“KONE is the market leader in hermetically sealing doors for the healthcare sector, ” says John Wilson, National Manager KONE Building Doors Division. “The KONE Hermetic Door efficiently and economically maintains over and under pressure, one of the basic demands of an operational theatre. The automatic door is no-touch, and with no special casing or sill it can’t harbour contaminants – this is all vital when infections and viruses could compromise a successful patient outcome.”

He says the new KONE Gliding Door is also the only product of its type available in Australia and ideal for hospitals as well as aged care facilities. “There are no rollers – the linear panel is held by magnets, so it can be opened and closed with a finger tip. It also uses much less space than a swing door, so it gives you precious space back to optimise efficiency – while still maintaining privacy, such as on a patient ward.”

Its unique design means it’s also the only sliding door in the market that allows a permanent patient carry rail to be installed, so a patient can be lifted from bed and transported into other rooms efficiently and quickly. John says KONE is typically known for its elevators, but it is also one of the leading building door suppliers in the world, thanks to its cost-effective, reliable products and dedicated field support.

“KONE globally is the second largest maintenance service provider in the Building Doors Access industry, and has been ranked by Forbes as one of the most innovative companies in the world for the fourth year in secession. We also have 23 locations around Australia – making KONE the only truly national service provider for the hospital sector.” KONE’s head office in Sydney will be the first building in Australia to use KONE’s two new doors. While they might not need the extra radiation-proofing that lead shielding would add, the new hermetic doors will reduce noise, save on power – and save valuable workspace.

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