9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Smart Buildings at Total Facilities

Total Facilities is the biggest exhibition in Australia dedicated completely to facilities management.

The software & technology is changing the way we view and interact with the built environment. With the smart building market valued at AU$7.5bil and forecast to grow vastly over the next five years to reach AU$32.6bil by 2021, there has never been a more important time to keep on top of the industry trends and source new providers. Total Facilities brings together intelligent solutions, uncomplicated strategies and creates purposeful connections to help you find solutions to reach your asset potential. Including cover the latest products in:

Meet the brands behind FM’s smartest brands



Gain smarter insights with leading FM thinkers

Arguably offering the best value in the industry, the free-to-attend Speaker Series presents tried and tested strategies from expert panellists to inform the facility and workplace agenda. Choose between two dedicated seminar theatres in 2018, offering over 15 hours of unrivalled learning and learn strategies to make your building smarter in every way.

Buildings: Australia's next platform for Digital Transformation

Wed 18 April, 12:15pm | KONE Smart Building Theatre

The transformation of our buildings sector has been long and varied. The green building agenda has had profound impact, which more recently has been augmented with a health and wellbeing agenda, activity-based working and agile workplace design and operation. And now, it is set to embark on its next transformation – thanks to the internet of things, data analytics, advanced manufacturing and the like. So the question emerges - is the property sector ready to become a platform for digital disruption?

Protecting Smart Buildings from Cyber Attacks

Wed 18 April, 3:30pm | KONE Smart Building Theatre

The regularity of cyber attacks on organisations is on the increase, and it seems that as soon as existing security controls are made more secure, the hackers develop counter-measures to gain systems access. In the meantime, the attention of hackers is shifting from corporate networks to building management and control systems, since they are becoming more structured around new technologies and the Internet of Things. This makes critical building systems vulnerable to the same risks as corporate systems, with the potential for buildings to be totally shut down. This session examines the types of businesses most at risk, the key risk areas, and how these risks can be minimised.

Controlling the building to reduce costs and complaints

Thurs 19 April, 11:45am | KONE Smart Building Theatre

Juggling HVAC efficiency with occupant comfort is a challenge in many buildings. Using control systems to improve HVAC performance can provide immediate benefits in terms of energy use and costs. However FM’s can be reluctant to meddle with controls due to the risk of increases in occupant complaints. This panel discusses the opportunities, evidence, potential savings and pros/cons of low-cost options to improve HVAC efficiency. It is possible to reduce HVAC energy consumption without adversely compromising the comfort of building occupants. Come and hear from industry experts and those who have done it talk through and find out how.

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