9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Health & Safety at Total Facilities

Total Facilities is the biggest exhibition in Australia dedicated completely to facilities management.

The OH&S services market is valued at AU$1.5bil and is forecast to grow steadily over the next five years to AU$1.6bil. Similarly, the safety equipment suppliers market is valued at AU$1.7bil and forecast to grow to AU$1.9bil by 2021-22. With Government legislation for OH&S regulations in the workplace driving industry revenue growth, maintaining safety compliance to every building is critical. It’s important that today’s FM community keep up to date so not only their buildings but tenants are safe, so don’t miss Australia’s most prized event the FM industry and see the latest in:


Meet the brands behind FM’s safest brands


Gain smarter insights with leading FM thinkers

Arguably offering the best value in the industry, the free-to-attend Speaker Series presents tried and tested strategies from expert panellists to inform the facility and workplace agenda. Choose between two dedicated seminar theatres in 2018, offering over 15 hours of unrivalled learning and the latest in health & safety thinking.

Safety without barriers?

Wed 18 April 2:15pm | Business Solutions Stage

With recent incidents impacting on public spaces, we are at risk of over-reacting by turning our cities and buildings into unsightly fortresses. If this happens, the terrorists and the one-off malicious individuals have the upper hand.But we are also exposed to security from within, with theft still a significant issue. So how do we avoid this? Is it possible to establish a level of security that protects our safety and security without excessively intruding into our daily lives? Is there a balance between overt and covert security that workers and society at large find acceptable.

What to do when the lights go out?

Thurs 19 April, 10:30am | Business Solutions Stage

Whether due to the failure of external services or internal infrastructure, power outages happen. And when they do, the consequences can be significant, particularly for high-risk facilities such as hospitals and airports. This session explores how power outages in these types of buildings are managed and therefore what we lessons we can learn from them to minimise the impact of a sudden cessation of power supply in other building types.

How to maximise building occupant safety

Thurs 19 April, 1pm | Business Solutions Stage

With recent high profile building fires, protecting building users against fire is at the forefront of our minds. The manner in which the building is designed, the materials used and how they are put together represent the first line of defence against a devastating fire. However, this is only part of the response to protecting user safety - ensuring that all the building safety features (such as fire escape routes) are properly maintained and ensuring that all building users know what to do in an emergency are essential components of fire safety.

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