9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Green FM at Total Facilities

Total Facilities is the biggest exhibition in Australia dedicated completely to facilities management.

The green FM market is valued at AU$40bil and is forecast to grow steadily over the next five years with the increasing pressure to reduce its environmental impact and improve sustainability performance including investing in renewable energy generation. Total Facilities 2018 brings you sustainable products and services that will significantly reduce or eliminate a building’s negative impact on the environment and its occupants, as well as groundbreaking solutions for optimising efficiency in energy, waste and water.

Meet the brands behind the leading Green FM Solutions


Gain smarter insights with FM leaders

Arguably offering the best value in the industry, the free-to-attend Speaker Series presents tried and tested strategies from expert panellists to inform the facility and workplace agenda. Choose between two dedicated seminar theatres in 2018, offering over 15 hours of unrivalled learning and the latest in sustainable thinking.

How to reduce your waste line?

Wed 18 April, 11:45am | Business Solutions Stage

Throughout their whole life cycle, buildings generate waste. In the construction phase packaging from building materials and equipment flows to landfill in copious quantities. During the operational phase, users in the building generate large quantities of recyclable and landfill waste and at demolition, the majority of the building is treated as waste. This session explores ways in which the industry can adapt its practices to reduce waste, particularly during the operational phase.

The next big gains for energy saving in buildings

Wed 18 April, 2;30pm | KONE Smart Buildings Theatre

For the environment, building owners and building occupiers, improved building energy efficiency presents a win-win-win solution. The many benefits of energy reduction include: reducing stress on the electricity network; supporting a least-cost pathway to decarbonisation; delivering cost savings; and improving building user comfort. This session will discuss how efficiencies in energy consumption can achieve these benefits in new and renovated buildings against the background of the anticipated improvements to the National Construction Code due to be incorporated in the 2019 Code update.

Repurposing and regenerating existing buildings

Thurs 19 April, 2:15pm | Business Solutions Stage

With the enormous amount of energy and other resources that are required to construct and demolish buildings, is there not more of an opportunity for existing buildings to be repurposed for new uses? Clearly maximising the financial return on land values and improving building performance are two factors that drive most new build projects, but where are the opportunities in terms of locations and organisational and building types to make more use of old buildings and what are the architectural design challenges in repurposing 'unwanted' building stock?

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