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Total Facilities is the biggest exhibition in Australia dedicated completely to facilities management.

The role of design in maximising staff health, wellbeing and employee engagement has never been more prominent in the modern workspace. Good design promotes collaboration and inspires knowledge transfer. As Australia moves to more diverse and flexible working styles, tenants and workspaces will increasing become more design demanding and FM professionals will play a key role in this channel management and specification.

The fitout & space planning market is valued at AU$10bil and is forecast to grow steadily over the next five years. Building owners and tenants are harnessing the power of their spaces to drive workplace efficiency and increase the overall performance of their building assets. But as investment in the sector increases so too do the products and solutions on offer. Total Facilities brings together leading fitout and planning suppliers, manufacturers and consultants to help you get the most out of your space offering solutions in:

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Arguably offering the best value in the industry, the free-to-attend Speaker Series presents tried and tested strategies from expert panellists to inform the facility and workplace agenda. Choose between two dedicated seminar theatres in 2018, offering over 15 hours of unrivalled learning and the latest in FM thinking.

Agile working and ABW - Don't forget the people!

Wed 18 April, 11am | KONE Smart Building Theatre

Australia has one of the highest rates of adoption of ‘co-working’ and agile-based practices in the work environment. There are fantastic examples of exciting workplace designs and offerings, leading-edge thinking on space usage and materials, flexible working practices and innovative uses of technology, sound and colour to be seen and experienced across the built environment that demonstrate the surge towards changes in future work experience. There is now a groundswell of opinion and thinking that is addressing the human factors that are seen as critical to the success or otherwise of these amazing workplace initiatives. This session seeks to examine this groundswell in detail and will ask a panel of leading experts in agile practices, co-working, workplace design, human innovation and creativity to discuss the growing emphasis on, and impacts from, the human side of things upon future work and future workplaces, what these will look like and corresponding requirements to succeed.

Repurposing and regenerating existing buildings

Thurs 19 April, 2:15pm | Business Solutions Stage

With the enormous amount of energy and other resources that are required to construct and demolish buildings, is there not more of an opportunity for existing buildings to be repurposed for new uses? Clearly maximising the financial return on land values and improving building performance are two factors that drive most new build projects, but where are the opportunities in terms of locations and organisational and building types to make more use of old buildings and what are the architectural design challenges in repurposing 'unwanted' building stock?

Wellness at work - the relationship between human and building

Thurs 19 April, 1:45pm | KONE Smart Building Theatre

Wellness in the workplace has become a very complex but important topic, particularly as the separation between work and personal time is becoming less defined. Worker wellness is heavily influenced by the physical and human characteristics of the workplace and by factors related to individual’s personal circumstances. This session will explore the relationship between worker and corporate values with specific reference to: how much influence an individual’s values have on their choice of workplace; how much individuals are willing to compromise their values in deference to corporate values and objectives. It will explore the impact of compromises on values and expectations on the wellness of the worker and at what level this becomes counter-productive. It will also attempt to identify factors outside the control of the workplace that impacts on worker wellness at work.

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