9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Cleaning & Maintenance at Total Facilities

Total Facilities is the biggest exhibition in Australia dedicated completely to facilities management.

The commercial cleaning service market is valued at AU$8.6bil and is forecast to grow steadily over the next five years with revenue predicted to rise at an annualised 1.7% to reach to AU$9.8bil by 2021-22. Total Facilities 2018 brings you cleaning and maintenance products and services that will significantly increase the overall hygiene and cleanliness standards of your facility for its occupants.

Meet the brands behind the leading Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions

Gain smarter insights with FM leaders

Arguably offering the best value in the industry, the free-to-attend Speaker Series presents tried and tested strategies from expert panellists to inform the facility and workplace agenda. Choose between two dedicated seminar theatres in 2018, offering over 15 hours of unrivalled learning and the latest in facilities management.

Managing building compliance to guarentee user safety

Wed 18 April, 10:30am | Business Solutions Stage

The complexity in the compliance requirements for buildings is increasing and becoming more challenging to keep up with. Yet the monitoring of compliance by those that create regulations is sadly lacking and some building constructors and operators continue to expose their users by cutting corners. This session explores how the facilities manager can mitigate against such practices - to what extent should they understand all the regulations, how much should they depend on their professional advisors and are Australian and International Standards the solution?

Will the FM Standards really improve standards?

Thurs 19 April, 11:45am | Business Solutions Stage

This session will present a brief overview of the new international facilities management standard, followed by a discussion that will focus on its potential role in the Australian industry. The discussion will address questions such as: will the industry will embrace it or ignore it; will organisation make the effort to apply for accreditation; how will the accreditation process be structured; what lessons can we learn from other similar standards such as ISO55000? Ultimately is this likely to be the industry game changer that some consider it to be.

Managing the transition from synthetic to natural refrigerants

Thurs 19 April, 1:45pm | KONE Smart Building Theatre

With the start of the phase-out of synthetic refrigerants on 1 January this year, this session examines some of the issues around selecting and implementing natural alternatives. The discussion will consider topics such as government policy; alternative natural refrigerant options; examining the cost and energy viability of alternatives; and compliance monitoring. In summary, Australia is the latest country to follow the lead of Europe in making this transition, so what lessons can be learned from the European approach and the resulting solutions?

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