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OWA Sinfonia for Healthcare Applications

Jan 15, 2015 Products

OWAcoustic Premium Sinfonia Ceiling Tiles are suitable for use in Health Care Establishments including cleanrooms, associated controlled environments and areas where the control of airborne contamination is required. Sinfonia Ceiling Tiles, when used in conjunction with the Ceilector Steel Grid, achieve the highest standard for healthcare applications. Furthermore, the painted face of the Sinfonia Tile […]

Stop dollars washing down the drain…

Jan 15, 2015 Products

By Australian Facilities Plumbing …Invest in water and energy conservation strategies. Commercial properties have become more energy efficient thanks to the introduction of new sustainability initiatives like the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) that provides energy efficiency information about commercial buildings to prospective buyers and tenants that occupy the premises. Better performing sites are seeing the benefits of such schemes, […]

Solatube® SkyVault® Series

Jan 15, 2015 Products

Big tubes for big spaces aptly describes the exciting Solatube SkyVault series. This daylighting system captures natural light at roof top level and can then transfer this light over extensive lengths. With a 29 inch/740 mm diameter tubing the Raybender technology harvests more low angle light from pre dawn to post dusk and coupled with […]

API Rope Access – NAB

Jan 15, 2015 Products

Project – NAB 700 Bourke Street Docklands Market Sector: Commercial & Retail Scale: 63,000 sqm Completion:  June 2013 Key design features: This building is distinguished by large vertical “fissures”, which provide vertical articulation, breaking up the massive scale of the building. A ”˜6 green star rating’, energy efficient facade, high performance solar glazing and a black […]

Ceiling Tiles for Office Acoustics

Jan 15, 2015 Workspace Design

By CSR Ceilector Ceiling Solutions In order for people in the workplace to perform at their highest standard, a good sound environment is imperative. Unwanted sounds can increase the feeling of stress and can lower motivation levels in employees. However, providing a good sound environment is one of the most rewarding investments a business can […]

Managing Emergency Response Teams

By Australian Facilities Plumbing Almost every facility will have an emergency response plan for incidents and emergencies. A good plan is one that outlines a swift initial response in order to minimise the disruption of the event(s) and, where necessary, facilitates the efficient recovery of core activities. For the facility which also maintains regular servicing and maintenance of its operations, the opportunity to […]

The future on display

Reduce power usage. Be more efficient. Cut costs. Keep your staff happy. React faster. These are the pressures that facilities managers and building owners are under in this fast-paced world of technology, development and high expectations. Luckily, developments in technology and innovation in the facilities management industry are keeping up with demand. The FM industry, […]

Discover the latest electrical innovations

As buildings and facilities become more complex, the greater the challenge for electrical engineers and contractors to meet requirements and owner expectations. With new regulations, technologies and innovations emerging onto the market with lightning speed, staying abreast of industry developments is a challenge in itself. Trade shows are one of the greatest sources for discovering […]

Managing sustainability in our facilities

Australia is at the forefront of green building and sustainable building practices with a range of programs and incentives in place to ensure greater energy efficiency within the country’s built environment. This is particularly the case in relation to new buildings where state and territory government regulations require new buildings to achieve minimum energy star […]

Safety a priority at Total Facilities 2015

Health and safety is top of mind for most professionals concerned with facilities management. Although successful compliance with new and updated regulations and codes is an ongoing and necessary challenge, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by Australia’s stringent health and safety standards. But with ongoing education and training, facilities management professionals can stay on top […]

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