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Maser wins distribution with Powerstar

Nov 21, 2014 Products

With the recent opening of EMSc-Powerstar’s Australian office earlier this year, Maser has been appointed a distributor for the energy-saving Powerstar voltage optimization system. Matt Young, general manager of Maser, said the Powerstar range is the market leader as it is tailored to the client’s requirements and comes with guaranteed energy savings. Powerstar will save […]

Solatube – Exhibition Park Canberra

Nov 14, 2014 Products

Building Type: Events Venue Location: Mitchell, ACT Exhibition Park Canberra is an events venue owned by the ACT Government. The pavilion can be used by any small group or organisation to entertain or sell merchandise. The company is looking to reduce its carbon footprint and the energy costs of the complex, both from its own […]

Airius – St. Thomas Aquinas School

Nov 14, 2014 Products

St. Thomas Aquinas School in Bowral has installed 8 Air Pear thermal equalisers to serve a newly constructed school hall with a ceiling peak of 6.7m. As part of the BER schools project, Martin O’Toole Architects chose the Air Pear systems as advised by sustainable consultants from Vim Sustainability. The technology was chosen as a […]

KONE opens the door to streamlined medical care

Oct 23, 2014 Products

In a busy operating theatre, laboratory or clean room environment, hygiene can make all the difference to patient outcomes. Noise reduction, air-pressure control and accessibility are also essential. So KONE has developed a unique hermetic door specifically for the needs of medical facilities. “KONE is the market leader in hermetically sealing doors for the healthcare […]

The thinking behind NAMS Property

Oct 7, 2014 Products

By SPM Assets Thinking long term means that we need to think well beyond the scheduled maintenance and servicing tasks. We need to think beyond reactive maintenance. We need to think beyond 5 years or even 10 years, and realise that to ensure properties are managed in a sustainable way, we need to think 30 […]

6 Steps to Facilities Management Success

  Facilities Management is all about coping with challenges. It’s about assessing and responding to your building or facility’s needs to maximise its smooth operation and efficiency. Whilst every facility has its own unique problems, challenges and solutions, there are a few overarching areas that, when paid attention to, can make a huge difference to […]

KONE UltraRope™ awarded the Hindmarsh Award for Innovation

Sep 25, 2014 Products

  KONE UltraRope™ was awarded the Hindmarsh Award for Innovation  at the 2014 Property Council of Australia/Rider Levett Bucknall Innovation and Excellence Awards. Founded in 1982, the annual awards celebrate innovation and leading practice within Australia’s property development and investment industries. The 2014 awards winners were drawn from  83 finalists across 16 categories – 12 […]

Competitive Tender Processes – Critical for Costs Savings

By Tenderlink The role of a facilities manager is varied, and that’s putting it mildly. Juggling everything from security, through to ongoing maintenance and emergency preparedness is enough to keep anyone on their toes. But although the tasks facing facilities managers are many and varied, the common thread running through them is that great facilities […]

10 mistakes Safety Advisors make and how you can avoid them

By SAI Global Health & Safety Advisors like yourself are often expected to be the pinnacle of knowledge for all things health and safety-related in an organisation. You are the ”˜go-to’ person when things go wrong and often in the firing line (literally) when health & safety incidents occur. What organisations don’t factor into there […]

Something’s Gotta Give!

Sep 25, 2014 Products

By Ezitracker Competition is fierce in the FM industry. You may use the best products, employ the best staff, have the best reputation, but your customers also demand the best price. Something’s gotta give! In order to retain service quality and remain competitive every opportunity must be taken to maximise efficiencies. Bulk buying cleaning products, […]

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