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Open House Melbourne: Regeneration the word on the street

Aug 10, 2017

It’s now been 10 years since Open House Melbourne first threw open its doors to a delighted, design curious city. In 2017’s anniversary edition, Annie Reid discovers how regeneration can keep changing a city for the better.

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MYBOS at Total Facilities 2017

Jul 14, 2017

MYBOS’ Managing Director, Sam Khalef takes you on a tour of their ultimate building and facility management software as seen at Total Facilities 2017.

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EY Centre: A new era in smart building design

Jun 21, 2017

One of Australia’s most environmentally-friendly skyscrapers, EY Centre at 200 George Street, has not only changed Sydney’s skyline but also the behaviour of its occupants thanks to a slew of sustainability features and activity based working environments.

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Smart buildings are WELL and good but how sustainable are they?

Jun 21, 2017

Against the backdrop of our current energy ‘crisis’, facilities managers (FMs) nationwide are looking at ways to improve the ever-increasing standards in energy efficiency across the built environment commercial sector. While energy monitoring and new approaches to energy efficiency are providing FMs with the ability to reduce energy costs, is this enough to ensure WELL guidelines can continue to be met and sustained?

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Is sustainability keeping up with the conscious consumer?

May 15, 2017

With sustainability crucial to reducing costs, improving operational performance and efficiencies, not to mention enhancing customer trust, more than ever the pressure is on businesses to keep up with growing demands for ethical behaviour and transparency in everything from employee rights to the supply chain.

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Australians are freezing themselves into being less productive

Apr 3, 2017

Are you locked in a constant battle with your co-workers over who has control of the office temperature? Well here’s some ammunition for those of you sitting at your desks shivering: Australian offices are typically at least two degrees colder than is optimum, and it’s having an impact on productivity levels, not to mention our […]

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Why the popular office doesn’t work

Mar 31, 2017

There was a brilliant quote up on the screen when workplace expert Libby Sander took the lectern at the Total Facilities Live breakfast session on Thursday morning in Sydney. It was from the master himself, Oscar Wilde – “Everything popular is wrong.” This resonates quite a lot with outfits such as The Fifth Estate that […]

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Australian Ecolabel Delivers Radical Solution to Reduce Workplace Sickies

Mar 29, 2017

Australian businesses lose up to $28 billion annually in lost production and wages due to employee ill health, however, what is largely unknown is that toxic ingredients hidden in products used in workplace buildings are a significant culprit of workplace sickness, according to a Brisbane based ecolabel, who this week unveiled a radical certification tool […]

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Co-working is evolving to combine co-living

Mar 28, 2017

Recent reports estimate that by 2020 1.55 billion workers will be responsible for work that does not confine them to a desk. Already, up to 80% of employees work at least one day a week out of the office. Co-working, where employees and the self-employed share workspace, ideas and knowledge, started in 2005 in San […]

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Flushed with success! Australia’s best bathroom named

Mar 27, 2017

Brisbane International Airport Terminal the country’s best bathroom facility winning the coveted title for 2017. International travellers needing to spend a penny at Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal are in for a nice surprise! The terminal’s refurbished bathrooms have been named Australia’s Best Bathroom Facility. Now in its third year, the Best Bathroom Facility competition is […]

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