9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

No-touch delivery and collection has arrived

Parcel Locker solution company, Groundfloor, is now offering a complete no-touch delivery and collection process to aid health measures across Australia.

Delivery services are now offering no-touch deliveries because of health measures related to the coronavirus. Parcel delivery services like Sendle and Go Fetch said this week they are giving customers a contactless delivery option. Touchless delivery is also being offered by food delivery services like Deliveroo as self-isolation sees a major demand increase for home delivery.

However, increasing parcel theft is undermining the value of these services. Couriers are forced to leave goods on doorsteps where no on-premises parcel locker is available. Yet, it remains an important move towards the care of our community.

How Groundfloor no-touch is supporting couriers

The Groundfloor team has made it their number one priority to support Australia’s dedicated couriers and their Groundfloor community. Which, in light of the COVID-19 breakout, means keeping everyone safe and offering peace of mind during these unprecedented times of disruption. Groundfloor’s complete, no-touch delivery and collection process provides integral support and keeps every delivery secure.

No-touch delivery features

Groundfloor’s no-touch delivery features were designed to make deliveries fast – now this takes on an entirely new context. Deliveries can be made via Groundfloor’s free-to-use mobile app. This removes the need to use a shared touchscreen, enabling quick registration and extra security features.

One of their high-security features is the Digital Signature, replacing physical signatures and eliminating any further contact, the signature is created every time a delivery is made via Groundfloor. It also ensures the security and traceability of every item.

No-touch collection features

The Groundfloor team has quickly made a software update to provide no-touch collection as well. In response to COVID-19 precautions, the team has fast-tracked an automatically generated QR Code. The code appears in each delivery notification. Recipients can now scan the code at their Groundfloor lockers to retrieve items rather than type a code on the touchscreen.

Locker doors also automatically open and can be closed with a gentle elbow-nudge. This provides a complete touchless transaction process from delivery all the way through to collection.

Support your community with automated parcel solutions

Now is the time to implement automated parcel solutions and support your community wherever you can. It is a difficult time. High-density buildings are dealing with government rules while juggling a cyclone of packages and couriers.

Demand for parcel delivery solutions has gone beyond the everyday problems of overwhelming parcel volume, to very real concerns about the health and wellbeing of occupants and communities. The delivery and collection process for all transactions, business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer, must evolve into a frictionless, fast and now touchless, process.

Start the conversation now at your workplace or residence and find out how you can begin making these changes, get in touch with the Groundfloor team today.
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