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The Hybrid Access Control System

EKA CyberLock is the next generation in access control that secures, controls and audits all assets, from the front door to remote locations.

EKA CyberLock is an electromechanical master key system providing all the benefits of an access control system without the need to cable. The system can be installed into almost any locking situation ranging from conventional doors to padlocks securing remote assets. The innovative communication and user management options between the administration software and the CyberKeys allow security managers to tightly control and monitor system user access even over the largest geographic areas in the same way as a traditional access control system.

How are geographically spread out sites such as communication towers, electrical stations/substations, and water treatment sites and pits, secured using EKA CyberLock?

Securing remote sites present a variety of security challenges to any organisation. These include such things as managing who has access to these sites, has someone actually been to these sites and conducted the job, risk of duplicated keys, if they’re a contractor do they have the appropriate insurance before going on-site, and were they even meant to be onsite to begin with. These are some of the challenges with managing remote site access, but the question is still, how do you even provide EKA CyberLock to secure these sites?

Padlocks provide the physical locking for a large percentage of remote assets. We say this because many recent large projects where the locking requirement being a padlock was more than 75% of all locks required.  This means having an “Australian Proof” padlock solution that is strong, solid, durable, and dust, salt, sand and water-resistant which are minimum requirements to handle our environment is a must. EKA CyberLock have a vast range of padlocks suitable for any application, all of which can be fitted with an IP68 electronic cylinder with no weather shields required.

Wait…so where does the battery go?

Ever pondered the cost of replacing batteries in a large number of electronic cylinders or locks (for example 1,000 cylinders) located on a large site such as a University every 12 months. The cost is significant. Well, imagine the additional cost in labour and time if these were securing the assets of a major Utility spread over a huge geographical area such as NSW. EKA CyberLock cylinders and padlocks have no battery and are powered by the battery in the CyberKey. This key battery is normally rechargeable even in the car meaning the cost associated with visiting locks and replacing batteries is eliminated.

Case Study: BAI Communications of Australia

How do you secure or manage commercial office buildings and contractor management?

Keeping tight security on a building is essential for its tenants and owners, making access management a high priority for facility management teams. Facing challenges around maintaining site security has been commonplace, however, especially in view of some of the weaknesses of mechanical master key systems. This really comes to the fore when a key is lost or, worse, stolen. As facility, security, protective services, and asset managers, you will know intimately the major compromise to a site’s security a missing key can bring. With EKA CyberLock this is overcome simply as a lost CyberKey can be deleted from the management software.

Upgrading security on office buildings, education facilities, airports and much more is quite straight forward with EKA CyberLock. The quickest way to do an upgrade on-premises like these (especially back of house areas such as roof access doors, electrical doors and cabinets) is to retrofit the existing mechanical cylinders with CyberLock cylinders. This can be achieved at a floor by floor, company by company, campus by campus, or terminal by terminal approach with no disruptions to other areas of the entity.

Case Study: Sydney Icon Secured

For example one of our recent projects was at 1 O’Connell Street in Sydney CBD, with 450 doors retrofitted with CyberLock cylinders within 5 days with no downtime to the building or offices.  Contractors are now managed by registering themselves via reception or tapping their access card to an award-winning CyberLock 20 Key Vault cabinet which issues that user with a temporary CyberKey for the duration of their visit with their customised access profile loaded. Once that user has finished for the set period of time, they simply return the CyberKey back to the vault, and the vault uploads the audit trail data to the CyberAudit Web Management Software.

How do you manage CyberKeys, electronic cylinders, and permissions across large areas or with many users?

EKA CyberLock server-based software, CyberAudit Web management software is designed to simplify the management of CyberKeys, cylinders, users, departments, provide reports, and much more. The sleek and user-friendly interface provides a comprehensive management console that not only allows administrators to manage the entire EKA CyberLock system but also includes a comprehensive SDK to allow integration with other security and management systems.

Click here to find out more about EKA CyberLock systems on their website.

Or contact their team – P: 1300 722 311 | E: sales@ekacyberlock.com.au

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