9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Health & safety

Total Facilities is the biggest exhibition in Australia dedicated completely to facilities management.

The OH&S services market is valued at AU$1.5bil and is forecast to grow steadily over the next five years to AU$1.6bil. Similarly, the safety equipment suppliers market is valued at AU$1.7bil and forecast to grow to AU$1.9bil by 2021-22. With Government legislation for OH&S regulations in the workplace driving industry revenue growth, maintaining safety compliance to every building is critical. Each year over 9% of our visitors come to find the latest services and solutions in fire protection systems, OH&S, exit & emergency lighting and more to protect a building’s valuable assets.


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Protecting your business from the cladding controversy

The use of external cladding has been in the news all too often recently. In response to recent tragedies, our Federal and state governments have put in place measures to address the use of combustible cladding, like flammable aluminium composite panels (ACPs), and other non-conforming building materials. These measures subject the facilities management area to higher scrutiny and regulation as businesses, governments and tenants try to protect themselves and reduce their risk.

The rise of biometrics and how they’re changing the face of security as we know it

Decades ago, science fiction writers and filmmakers dreamed that biometrics would become an integral part of security: now that dream is becoming a reality. Biometrics (a Greek phrase meaning “body measurements”) left the realm of science fiction years ago. Today, they represent an important aspect of physical security. However, this type of technology continues to evolve. Learn how Australian organisations are leveraging the latest developments in biometrics to keep the public safe and secure.

Preparing For The Unthinkable

One of the greatest challenges facing Australian facilities managers is how to respond in the wake of a crisis situation and prepare for the unthinkable. As professionals with responsibility for people and property, it is both a legal and, more importantly, a moral requirement to ensure that all evacuation, fire and bomb threat procedures are […]

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