9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Sprout Coffee: Service focused, ethically minded, taste obsessed

Discover a sustainable, and delicious coffee solution for your workforce. The experienced team at Sprout Coffee are waiting to deliver the ultimate work perk for your staff!

Total Facilities exhibitor, Sprout Coffee is proud to be supplying a more responsive and responsible corporate coffee service. No matter the size of your office, workforce or budget – the Sprout team will deliver the best products and the finest services, making sure they always go the (carbon offset) extra mile.

The Sprout approach

Sustainability is built into the Sprout business model and embedded in everything they do. They’ve engineered our coffee machines, logistics, supplies and services to tread a light and considered footprint. So every Sprout cup you pour has a positive impact on the people and places it touches along the way.

They seek to build awareness that communities and land are affected by the coffee and tea we drink at the office:

  • Sprout sources from farms using environmentally sound practices so that tea and coffee quality is as high as possible and grown, harvested and processed in a responsible way.
  • Sourcing Fairtrade gives farmers a fair price, improving livelihoods for producer communities.
  • Sprout carbon offset our machines and business operations.
  • Sprout use recycled cardboard and plastic packaging wherever possible

The quality is in the taste

You might ask, as a corporate coffee wholesaler, how do Sprout match up against Melbourne’s renowned coffee snobs?

On Sprout’s blog, Co-Founder Ed Sladen says:

“The feedback we get from clients suggests that yes, they really are that good. One of our clients believes that in a blind test he doesn’t think he could taste the difference between the coffee produced from the automatic machine in their office and the ones served at the café around the corner.

Out of respect for the skill within Melbourne’s barista trade, I dare not comment. I do think there’s been a shift in the mindset of the general public about the level of quality you get from the automatic machines though. Our coffee machines are simple to use and we make sure we’re onsite on the first day the machine is installed to talk to staff and answer any questions they might have. We even provide the Tim Tams.”

Sprout Coffee options

Sprout have a range of instant coffee and coffe beans, coffee sachets, tea bags and unbleached orgranic teabags. They also offer packages for staff up to 50 staff, 50-100 staff and 100+ staff which includes options with and without their specialised automatic coffee machines.

To find out more visit the Sprout Coffee website and contact their friendly team!

Sprout Coffee are exhibiting at Total Facilities 2021, find out more about the upcoming event and contact the TFX team about exhibiting!
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