9-11 May 2023
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Reece Group & Facilities Maintenance: The Perfect Fit

An Australian company in business for just over 100 years, The Reece group are now expanding their products and services to the Facility Maintenance, Mining & Export markets.

A holistic supply and service approach is what the industry has been calling out for some time, and The Reece Group of businesses are perfectly set up to facilitate this market, supplying partner with enterprise customers throughout Australia. If convenience, expertise, professionalism, network supply, innovation and having quality products you can trust are important to your business and industry, then below is what the Reece group can offer your business.

The Reece Group started back in 1920 out of Victoria, with Harold Joseph Reece selling plumbing and hardware goods from the back of his truck. Since then Reece has expanded into a global multi-dimensional company with a supply network of over 900 branches that spans across all states of Australia and now into New Zealand and the United States. The multi-dimensional business consists of the company’s own supply chain and logistics, technology arm being Reece-tech, trading company, marketing and a property and financial Institution. “Reece” has become a household name throughout Australia over the past 100 years and although most people know the company as Plumbing Suppliers, they are now so much more than that.

Over the past 30 years, Reece has expanded it’s traditional plumbing and bathroom supply into specialty business units. Industry recognised brands including Actrol, Metalflex and Viadux joined the Reece brand to support the HVAC/R, Civil, Irrigation and Pools specialty business units. This now means as a group and a network, Reece have the ability to supply items from air conditioning units, industrial piping, valves, fittings, consumables, refrigerants, hot water units, pumps, etc, and the list just goes on and on. As you can start to see the network, product range and expertise are all so very important and is why Reece is the perfect fit to partner with customers in the Facility Maintenance space. The ability to be able to purchase and interact with a supplier that covers the majority of products creates efficiencies that businesses could only dream of.

Reece Group services

As the company’s network has expanded with new acquisitions to support their customers and different business units, so has the appetite for key customers to partner with Reece and utilise them as their primary supply partner. The Facilities Maintenance supply business today is supported from every state nationally across Australia.

This has led to the recent implementation of Reece’s latest dedicated business unit rightly coined as National Contracts. The team is made up of specialist dedicated Business Development Managers across all states and is supported by a dedicated customer support hub. The network is Reece’s supply arm and as a single systems business it makes it very easy to bring value through consistency, convenience, expertise and product range to their wide and diverse customer base. The team is also supported by a contracts and administration team who facilitate supply contracts, tenders, bid writers, estimators & dedicated IT integration experts.

The Reece-tech in-house IT business supports integration with customers to improve and help simplify the process with ordering, tracking invoices and more, with an aim to support greater efficiencies for customer partners. They provide innovative tech solutions to be able to create personalised system integrations to create the ability to interact via different digital platforms.

Reece Testing Lab

The Reece Group know how important it is to provide exceptional service with expertise and quality products. That is why the company have a dedicated testing facility to ensure that all the products they sell are to the highest standards. Reece partner with some of the biggest brands in the world as they are always looking to provide innovative solutions and high-quality products. With dedicated distribution branches and a high level of stock holdings across all sectors, the company are confident in providing the products businesses need, even through these challenging times we are currently experiencing.

Reece’s purpose to improve the lives of customers by striving for greatness every day, and the continuous investment back into their systems and services, it’s clear to see that the Reece Group is well equipped to service the FM, Mining, Export and TAFE markets under their National Contracts banner.

As a group, Reece look forward to partnering with businesses in this space and providing exceptional service to support the FM, Mining and Export space nationally now and into the future.

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