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Best of the blogs 2017

As we look back on 2017, what were the burning issues in facilities management and what were the hot topics that got the most clicks? We did some back-end number crunching on all of the blogs we posted over the year, and now present to you our most popular articles. Not surprisingly, sustainability remains a strong topic, while a post written in 2014 also rated a high mention - about FM top tips for success. Read on to get the best of the blogs for 2017.

  1. EY Centre: A new era in smart building design

The new EY Centre on George Street, Sydney garnered a lot of interest from TFX readers. As one of Australia’s most environmentally-friendly skyscrapers, the 37-storey EY Centre signified a new era in smart building design. It is also the first building in Australia to be entirely lit by eco-friendly LEDs, significantly reducing power consumption and environmental costs.

This in-depth case study offered insight into the technological qualities of the building, with features that adjust to the needs and nuances of its occupants.

Six levels of the skyscraper play host to the head offices of Mirvac, and program manager, James Harvey, said that their team had already experienced many benefits from the building’s activity-based working environment.

  1. Smart buildings are well and good but how sustainable are they?

With such an intriguing question as its title, it’s no wonder this blog post was one of our most popular. Total Facilities often discusses smart building technologies through the lens of different projects, but this article focuses on the sustainability of new approaches to energy efficiency against the backdrop of the current energy ‘crisis’, and how to ensure WELL guidelines can continue to be met and sustained in the long term.

Tony Arnel, Norman, Disney & Young’s global director of sustainability said that Australia faces future challenges if it is to meet sustainability targets. To progress, the Australian industry should look towards integrated technology, automation and ‘supply chain smarts’.

  1. Sustainable development trends are improving the built environment

Steve Hansen’s blog post focuses on new sustainable development trends and the challenges, successes and technology that is driving Australia’s building and manufacturing industries. Kate Harris, CEO of ecolabelling non-profit Good Environmental Choice Australia, provides the key trends increasing demand for sustainable development over the next 15 years.

Finding the balance between supply and demand is one of the challenges discussed as manufacturers are reluctant to invest in new products and materials before knowing there is a sustainable market. The prediction is that these new sustainable trends in development will allow the residential market to bolster its green building certifications with a greater focus on health in the future.

  1. 6 steps to facilities management success

Although this blog post was written in 2014, readers are still clicking through to find out what are the top six tips for facilities management success. Facilities management is about being adaptable, assessing and responding to challenges and being able to assess how a building or facility could improve its efficiency and run more smoothly.

The following six tips are just some of the ways operators can make a positive change to their business and be more successful:

  1. Think green
  2. Choose your vendors wisely
  3. Extend the life of your existing assets
  4. Capture and use your data
  5. Avoid unnecessary costs; and
  6. Stay up-to-date.
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