9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Lifting the exhibitor experience through smart technology

Total Facilities offers a platform for leading companies to showcase emerging technology to their customers directly, as Peter Darley explains, National Sales Manager - Service and Repair, at Schindler Lifts Australia Pty Ltd.

Words by Annie Reid

Tell us about your new product, Schindler Ahead, and how smart technology is driving mobility solutions.

Schindler Ahead connects elevators and escalators to the internet of things (IoT) via a digital closed loop platform. This means that vertical transportation equipment can now provide real time analytics and data to our customers, technicians and Schindler’s Contact Centre.

In the future, all of these parties will be able to send instructions and data back to the lift too. This allows greater insights, quicker response times, reduced downtime of equipment and a more personalised passenger experience.

What are the benefits of digital mobility to facilities/building managers, and passengers?

Currently, Schindler Ahead provides a solution to the issue created by the NBN rollout, where lift phones are no longer being guaranteed to work during a power failure. We are also able to monitor Schindler 3300 and 5500 equipment remotely, which leads to less downtime and faster response to faults.

In addition, Schindler is now able to offer complete digital documentation of equipment portfolio (with real time information on equipment status and performance), keep tenants informed of equipment updates, and is future-proofed with over the air updates ensuring that clients always have access to the latest technology.

How does Schindler Ahead compare to other similar solutions on the market?

Schindler has partnered with Huawei and GE to develop a market leading 4G IoT solution. The partnership has resulted in Schindler now offering a dual sim 4G solution and over the air software updates.

In addition to the benefits listed above, in 2018 we will be launching additional features that will allow customers to display digital media content directly onto the lift doors and update digital bulletin boards directly via an app on their mobile devices.

How are you telling the Schindler Ahead story and what are you doing to engage customers?

We are reaching out to our existing customers directly and showcasing our new products at trade expos, such as Total Facilities. There has been a lot of interest in what Schindler are doing in the digital space and we are finding that word of this technology is also spreading organically.

Why have you chosen to get involved in Total Facilities next April?

Total Facilities is a great platform to connect with those involved in the service side of our business. It provides us with a great opportunity to speak directly with the FM market, to let them know what Schindler can currently offer and show them what we are working on.

Visit Schindler Lifts Australia on stand D16 at Total Facilities 2018.

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