9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

Energy Efficiency Hub – NEW FOR 2019

Technological innovations mean today’s FMs have never had more insight into the performance of their assets. But for environments to truly excel and reach their full potential it pays to stay on top of your HVAC facilities.

With most energy consumption and usage being used to heat, cool and run their buildings, FMs face increasing pressure to maximise their buildings performance and the minimum cost to both the environment and the bottom line.

This area of the show floor will offer insights into driving more efficient building outcomes with a showcase of exhibitors who are championing the HVAC/R cause, who provide the solutions and analytic tools to help FMs get the most out of their building environment.

This hub area will include exhibitors that provide solutions, monitoring and equipment in the following areas:

• HVAC/R Products
• Building Envelope
• Lighting & Energy
• IoT Automation
• Onsite Power
• Renewables & Storage
• Metering & Monitoring
• Power Quality
• Electric Vehicle Charging

Energy Insights

Forget Tesla’s big battery: it’s the smaller ones you want

Last year, the world gasped as Tesla’s Elon Musk won a bet to build the world’s biggest battery system in South Australia, within 100 days. Elsewhere, though, facilities managers are finding smaller batteries are also a good bet for energy management.

There’s a knack to HVAC

A recent study by CSIRO revealed HVAC systems represent as much as 50 to 60 percent of a commercial building’s energy use. With such high stakes to your facilities energy bill, there are some practical measures to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve performance of HVAC systems that can make a big difference in the long-run.

Australians are freezing themselves into being less productive

Are you locked in a constant battle with your co-workers over who has control of the office temperature? Well here's some ammunition for those of you sitting at your desks shivering: Australian offices are typically at least two degrees colder than is optimum, and it's having an impact on productivity levels, not to mention our energy consumption.

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