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Extraordinary corrosion protection

Blygold Oceania, part of the Blygold International global network, is known as a leader in coatings to protect heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration coils against corrosion and the impact of environmental conditions.

Blygold’s unique products and methods of application have been developed and successfully used for over 40 years.

Managing Director, Mark Weir, said substantial investments are made in HVACR equipment. “Blygold has the products which can deliver significant benefits to the longevity of these assets. Typically, Blygold products triple the lifetime of heat exchangers, reduce energy costs by up to 20% and increase airflow.”

Some anti-corrosion treatments in the marketplace are only suitable for application in the factory of the air conditioning supplier. Blygold Oceania, on the other hand, has an application procedure that is effective as well as mobile that it can be applied onsite.

One of Blygold’s unique products is Polual XT, an aluminium pigmented polyurethane coating with excellent chemical and UV resistance for applying a protective coating to air-cooled heat
exchangers. It is flexible and has excellent adhesion with negligible effect on heat transfer. Applied in very thin layer to prevent pressure drop, it provides extraordinary corrosion protection.

Another specialist product is Ceratec, used as a protective coating for water-cooled condensers. Mark said that Blygold Oceania’s products and application techniques are developed by
Blygold International’s R&D team. “Blygold has a commitment to innovation and constant improvement in product quality and application systems. All products are independently tested and meet or exceed strict international standards.”

Blygold Oceania has branches across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. All Blygold staff undergo intensive training for three months before they can operate in the field without supervision.

Weir says that “The Blygold team has the latest in products and application techniques to provide maximum protection for HVACR equipment with minimal impact on operational efficiency”

Contact the Blygold team or visit the Blygold website to find out more about their products and services, including:

• HVAC Coil Coating
• Tube Sheet & Water Box Cladding
• Cabinet & Casings Protection
• HVAC Refurbishment/Renovations

For more information contact:

Blygold Oceania, 23 Alloy Street, Yatala QLD 4207,

Phone: 1300 271 115

Email: info@blygold.com.au

Website: www.blygold.com.au

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