9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney

A new era of disinfection

Keeping our built environments safe is a top priority right now, and it will be up to building managers to find the most effective products to keep our buildings clean for occupants to safely return. Purely Sanitise are trained specialists in sanitising and disinfection, find out more about how their products and application could be the right choice for your facility.

Purely Sanitise is an Australian, nationwide company operating in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia Western Australia and Tasmania.

Their friendly, highly trained team are specialists in sanitising and disinfecting large scale facilities such as schools, resorts and gyms as well as small businesses like cafes, salons and offices to name a few.

Purely Sanitise uses a TGA & EPA registered disinfectant which does not require to be rinsed or wiped after application, it is 100% contact safe, fragrance-free, mineral-based, and harmless to children and animals. Plus, it is safe for all surfaces and will not damage fabric, walls or furniture.

Our non-toxic, hospital-grade disinfectant kills pathogens such as bacteria and viruses including COVID19 almost instantly, and is applied using state-of-the-art electrostatic technology to provide 360-degree coverage of all exposed surfaces with almost zero solution waste.

Our electrostatic disinfecting service kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds and is registered to kill 44 organisms including COVID19, MRSA, Norovirus, and cold/flu viruses in 2 minutes or less.

Before you hire a company to provide a disinfecting service for Coronavirus, do your homework to ensure you are getting the most effective method, the proven kill claims, and a fair price.

Benefits of Purely Sanitise:

  • Their team of friendly professionals is available to carry out treatments at a time that will least disrupt your business
  • Treatment is quick and cost-effective – return to business as usual within minutes
  • The product dries within two minutes and does not leave droplets or moisture
  • Safely re-enter the room within minutes not hours or days.
  • The product is applied using electrostatic technology for maximum coverage
  • Non-toxic and contact safe – harmless for children, animals and won’t damage furniture
  • Registered to kill 44 organisms including COVID19, MRSA, Norovirus and cold/flu viruses in 2 minutes or less
  • TGA & EPA registered.

Understanding Electrostatic Application

This specialist application works by using an electrode to introduce an attractive charge to the disinfecting or sanitising product and atomises the solution, using an air compressor to generate a quiet, but powerful liquid flow.

Because the solution’s particles are electrostatically charged, they are attracted to surfaces with a force stronger than gravity, allowing the solution to reach and uniformly coat even hard-to-reach surfaces.

Electrostatic application requires less time than any other method, uses less product, is muc h less labour intensive and in turn, more cost-effective.

With each treatment, you will receive a certificate of sanitation, and all Purely Sanitise clients on 12-month plans are eligible for a free reactive treatment if a known outbreak occurs at your premises.

Contact the Purely Sanitise team:

P: 1300 945 687 | E: info@purelysanitise.com.au | W: www.purelysanitise.com.au

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