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6 benefits of hiring your cleaning equipment

Planning on investing in cleaning equipment for your facility? Tennant shares their top benefits of hiring cleaning equipment for your facility.

Keeping our built environments clean and safe is vital now, more than ever before. This means that FMs need access to quality and affordable cleaning equipment.  If you are on the lookout to invest in or upgrade your cleaning equipment, you will first need to decide whether to buy, finance or rent the equipment.

So, what are the benefits of cleaning equipment hire? Why has it become so popular? And, is it the best option for you?

Why are more companies choosing to rent equipment?

1. Access to better technology
When you rent, you don’t have to wait until you can afford to buy new equipment outright. It means you can add a better piece of equipment to your inventory now and start enjoying the benefits from upgraded technology right away. Benefits like saving time, saving money, operating more efficiently, and getting a better, cleaner result.

2. Flexible upgrades

When you rent instead of buying your machines, it can be easier to switch to a different type of equipment if your needs change or upgrade as you go along. There’s no need to wait until the end of your machine’s life or try to find a secondhand buyer. Simply trade-in your existing rental machine for a newer model. Or add a new machine to your fleet any time you need to increase your capacity and handle a new or bigger cleaning challenge.

3. Stay on budget

Many companies can’t pay for a new piece of equipment outright – they might have to wait 3-6 months to save up for a new machine. Fortunately, you can stay within your budget and get your equipment right away with renting, because the costs are spread out over the life of your machine. Renting means you have predictable, affordable payments coming out each month instead of one lump sum.

4. Grow your business

Renting means you can spread your immediate funds across other investments that help grow your business. Investments like company vehicles, upgraded branding, marketing campaigns, and additional team members. Renting gives you the flexibility and funds to move quickly and seize new opportunities.

5. Get tax benefits

When you rent your machine, it’s considered an operating expense, whereas when you purchase your machine outright, it’s considered a capital expense (used to buy an asset). This means that renting can come with tax benefits, although you should definitely confirm this with your accountant (we don’t provide financial advice).

6. Simplify ongoing costs
Finally, monthly rental payments can help simplify things by bundling the ongoing cost of your machine into one simple monthly payment. Cleaning equipment needs ongoing servicing and maintenance. When you hire cleaning equipment with Tennant ANZ, they combine your Factory Direct Servicing with your rental payments so you get one fixed price payment every month and a full maintenance (comprehensive) service program.

Tennant case study

Tennant ANZ recently won a national rental contract for a well-known global F&B company with a number of locations across Australia. They deployed 30+ machines across 5 states, including:
  • Ride-on floor sweepers (6100 & S20)
  • Sweeper scrubber machines (M20 & M17)
  • Walk behind scrubbers (T300 & T500)
  • Ride on scrubbers (T12 & T16)
All the scrubbers came with their ec-H2O™ Technology to fit in with the organisation’s global water sustainability initiative. Plus, fitted with IRIS® Asset Manager for accurate, streamlined machine reporting.
Tennant supplied the units within 4 weeks after the initial order came through and completed training nationally on the day of installation.
Although installation is complete for this company, their relationship with Tennant is ongoing. They have been assigned an exclusive Customer Care rep for all inquiries (including invoicing) and have connected each site contact with a local direct rep during the installation and training process for ongoing support. Not only that, but throughout the 5-year term, each machine gets bi-monthly Factory Direct Servicing under Tennant’s full maintenance (comprehensive/all-inclusive) service program.

Is cleaning equipment hire right for you?

Only you (and your accountant) know the answer.  Tennant has flexible purchasing options to assist you in getting the machines you need, when you need them – whether that’s buying outright, leasing, pre-owned or financing.

If you’d like to talk through your options and get advice on the best machines for your needs, click here to contact Tennant for a chat.
Tennant ANZ is exhibiting at Total Facilities 27-29 October 2020, you can speak to the team at Stand A22, click here to register to attend the event for free.
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