AI, digital twins and IoT

Aug 6, 2018 Technology

An explosive growth in new technologies to gather and use data to optimise service delivery will increasingly drive asset-based services, as Mark Brewer explains.

Three technologies essential to FM

Jun 25, 2018 Technology

There are three technologies every facility manager needs to embrace to provide the best outcomes for their buildings, Samantha Fuller, general manager of Service Works Global reports.

The rise of biometrics and how they’re changing the face of security as we know it

May 21, 2018 Technology

Decades ago, science fiction writers and filmmakers dreamed that biometrics would become an integral part of security: now that dream is becoming a reality. Biometrics (a Greek phrase meaning “body measurements”) left the realm of science fiction years ago. Today, they represent an important aspect of physical security. However, this type of technology continues to evolve. Learn how Australian organisations are leveraging the latest developments in biometrics to keep the public safe and secure.

VIDEO: Emma Hendry, CEO Hendry Group

Apr 16, 2018 Technology

Ahead of Total Facilities 2018 Speaker Series, we sat down with Emma Hendry, CEO at Hendry Group, who gives us an insight into how Hendry is leading innovation by adapting new technologies to help their clients drive their buildings further.

From building pioneers to modern day transformers, how Hendry is adapting technology for future success

Apr 8, 2018 Technology

For a business that thrives on emerging technology, it’s a perfect match for Hendry to showcase its latest innovations at this year’s Total Facilities. Annie Reid chats to Hendry’s Giri Gangadhara, head of digital transformation and Naveen Radhappan, GM asset optimisation.

VIDEO: Adam Beck, CEO, Smart Cities Council Australia & NZ

Mar 29, 2018 Technology

Ahead of Total Facilities 2018 Speaker Series, Adam Beck, Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia & NZ provides insights into building smart.

How to make your smart building drive profits up

Mar 21, 2018 Technology

Maintenance and upkeep of building assets once required plenty of hands on work by facility managers to ensure everything kept running smoothly. But the advent of smart buildings is changing this, with the Internet of Things now allowing for sensors and data-farming devices to be installed in any asset of a building.

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital: futuristic and state-of-the-art

Mar 1, 2018 Technology

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), which opened in September 2017 in the city’s CBD, is arguably Australia’s most technologically-advanced hospital. From its fleet of robots (aka, Automated Guided Vehicles) that carry around supplies, food and equipment to its pneumatic tube automated internal delivery system, the 800 bed, environmentally-friendly hospital is a harbinger of the future of healthcare.

Three on top: Find out how these leading brands stay at the forefront of FM innovation

Feb 2, 2018 Technology

With innovation and diversification key to today’s Facilities Management landscape, there’s a growing focus on smart solutions.  More companies are harnessing the latest developments across emerging and new technology to drive building productivity resulting in enhanced building performance and greater benefits to customers.

Big Data, BloT and BIM – buzz words or bigger, braver new world?

Sep 22, 2017 Technology

Zettabytes, Building Internet of Things (BIoT), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Big Data are just some of the latest terms being incorporated into the daily vocabulary of Facility Managers around the country.

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