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Understanding Sound Masking

Feb 12, 2019 Products

Adding more sound runs contrary to most people’s understanding of how to achieve effective acoustics. Many mistakenly believe the goal is to make their facility as silent as possible.

Enviroplus Bioactive® Toilet Paper is perhaps the most innovative toilet tissue

Mar 16, 2017 Products

Enviroplus Bioactive® Toilet Paper prevents unpleasant odours, cleans pipes, drains and septic tanks by degrading organic matter and reduces purging operations. It helps wastewater flow and avoids the risk of sewage systems clogging. With regular use you will start to see significant results in just four weeks, such as reducing sewage cleaning and maintenance costs. […]

Sydney Cricket Ground reduces waste with Method Recycling Bins

Feb 21, 2017 Products

Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium host more than 65 major sporting events every year, attracting close to two million fans through the gates. They have introduced Method Recycling Bins to their venue to engage users to recycle, reducing waste to landfill. “Roughly 1,100 tonnes of waste is generated annually and our recycling rate is […]

Asset management streamlined

Jan 11, 2017 Products

In today’s market, businesses working in and dealing with facilities management need the appropriate tools to make sure they’re managing assets effectively and profitably. Software designed to simplify the management of entire asset lifecycles – installation, maintenance, and repair – is becoming the go-to solution. This software can ensure compliance, and that assets are kept […]

KONE opens the door…

Mar 10, 2015 Products

…to streamlined medical care In a busy operating theatre, laboratory or clean room environment, hygiene can make all the difference to patient outcomes. Noise reduction, air-pressure control and accessibility are also essential. So KONE has developed a unique hermetic door specifically for the needs of medical facilities. “KONE is the market leader in hermetically sealing […]

Viega – Perth College

Feb 11, 2015 Products

Located in Mt Lawley, Perth College is the oldest independent girls’ school in Western Australia. The college features a 50m, eight-lane heated swimming pool, which is used by the school and also Perth City Swimming Club for swim teaching and coaching and learn to swim sessions and squad training. It’s also home to the Perth […]

Australia embracing the benefits of press-fit technology

Jan 15, 2015 Products

Improved on-site safety, enhanced joint performance and finish and time-efficient installation – the benefits of press fit technology make it very clear as to why this joining method is fast gaining ground in Australia and across the world. Growing industry use of ”˜press fit’ technology has been a major trend in Europe for many years. […]

OWA Sinfonia for Healthcare Applications

Jan 15, 2015 Products

OWAcoustic Premium Sinfonia Ceiling Tiles are suitable for use in Health Care Establishments including cleanrooms, associated controlled environments and areas where the control of airborne contamination is required. Sinfonia Ceiling Tiles, when used in conjunction with the Ceilector Steel Grid, achieve the highest standard for healthcare applications. Furthermore, the painted face of the Sinfonia Tile […]

Stop dollars washing down the drain…

Jan 15, 2015 Products

By Australian Facilities Plumbing …Invest in water and energy conservation strategies. Commercial properties have become more energy efficient thanks to the introduction of new sustainability initiatives like the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) that provides energy efficiency information about commercial buildings to prospective buyers and tenants that occupy the premises. Better performing sites are seeing the benefits of such schemes, […]

Solatube® SkyVault® Series

Jan 15, 2015 Products

Big tubes for big spaces aptly describes the exciting Solatube SkyVault series. This daylighting system captures natural light at roof top level and can then transfer this light over extensive lengths. With a 29 inch/740 mm diameter tubing the Raybender technology harvests more low angle light from pre dawn to post dusk and coupled with […]

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