27-29 Oct 2020

Health, Safety, Security

No-touch delivery and collection has arrived

Parcel Locker solution company, Groundfloor, is now offering a complete no-touch delivery and collection process to aid health measures across Australia.

Protecting your business from the cladding controversy

The use of external cladding has been in the news all too often recently. In response to recent tragedies, our Federal and state governments have put in place measures to address the use of combustible cladding, like flammable aluminium composite panels (ACPs), and other non-conforming building materials. These measures subject the facilities management area to higher scrutiny and regulation as businesses, governments and tenants try to protect themselves and reduce their risk.

Security and Risk Compliance Must Not Be Ignored

Organisations of all types face a world of increasing threats, both physical and virtual. These same organisations have significant responsibilities for minimising the associated risks to all stakeholders, including their employees, their shareholders, and the authorities. According to Richard Ham, CEO and founder of  software firm FM Clarity, current approaches to compliance for buildings are […]

Has The IoT Killed The Humble Access Control Card?

Has The IoT Killed The Humble Access Control Card? John Bigelow For decades, the basic access card, be it MiFare, Weigand, proximity, smart cards, magnetic stripe and a variety of other card technologies, have formed the basis of most building access control systems. And while these cards have been the means by which many facility […]

Medibank Place integrates security system with business process

Walls of greenery, circadian lighting and workspaces specially designed to accommodate activity-based working are just some of the features of Medibank’s new Docklands headquarters in Melbourne. Occupied since October 2014, the 16-floor building encourages flexibility, creativity, interaction and staff wellbeing and is also on track to become one of Australia’s most energy and waste efficient […]

Investing in security: Priority or luxury?

The security industry needs innovation, especially in the commercial and industrial sectors. Innovation in security can be defined as the implementation of a new security approach or process that results in measurable increases in effectiveness or efficiency. However, resistance from corporate-level executives is commonplace as system and equipment upgrades need to demonstrate quantifiable gains in […]

Preparing For The Unthinkable

One of the greatest challenges facing Australian facilities managers is how to respond in the wake of a crisis situation and prepare for the unthinkable. As professionals with responsibility for people and property, it is both a legal and, more importantly, a moral requirement to ensure that all evacuation, fire and bomb threat procedures are […]

Managing Emergency Response Teams

By Australian Facilities Plumbing Almost every facility will have an emergency response plan for incidents and emergencies. A good plan is one that outlines a swift initial response in order to minimise the disruption of the event(s) and, where necessary, facilitates the efficient recovery of core activities. For the facility which also maintains regular servicing and maintenance of its operations, the opportunity to […]

10 mistakes Safety Advisors make and how you can avoid them

By SAI Global Health & Safety Advisors like yourself are often expected to be the pinnacle of knowledge for all things health and safety-related in an organisation. You are the ”˜go-to’ person when things go wrong and often in the firing line (literally) when health & safety incidents occur. What organisations don’t factor into there […]

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