27-29 Oct 2020

Cleaning & Maintenance

Case study: A million dollar pipe problem

The team at Nuflow pipe repair solutions share their experience of handling a large scale pipe repair at AMP Capitol that could have cost lives.

Robotics and the future of cleaning

Robotic cleaning machines can help forward thinking companies leverage ground breaking robotics technology. Tennant ANZ is ready to lead the way locally with its T7AMR solution.

Change the way you think about washing

Total Facilities exhibitor Richard Jay have been providing high-quality commercial laundry services to the facilities management industry for decades. This year at the show their excited to introduce a new addition to their wash solutions…

First Impressions are Everything

If making a bold statement about your building is important, then consider EziCleen Diamon-Fusion protective coatings for glass and other silica surfaces. The result is a transparent, high-performing barrier that reduces maintenance and protects against environmental damage.

Fighting bacteria one bathroom at a time

While methods to clean and sanitise bathroom facilities vary, the need to measure the effectiveness of cleaning practices is becoming universal. And ATP testing – adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal unit of energy in all living cells – immediately determines if surfaces truly are clean.

Artificial intelligence and cleaning

Robot cleaning products are not a new concept. Devices like iRobot’s Roomba and the Electrolux Trilobite have been crawling around floors by themselves for almost two decades. But these devices are primitive compared to what is in the pipeline now, with cleaning appliances that are able to learn, adapt and improve their operations as they’re being developed and released on the market.

Five pet peeves about workplace bathrooms and how to fix them

It’s not surprising that bathrooms are one of the top areas for complaints in the workplace—they’re often a design afterthought. To combat these common workplace woes, Total Facilities is joining forces with leading hygiene company Initial to find Australia’s Best Bathroom Facility.

Discussing reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance strategies

Discussing reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance strategies While trying to become more efficient, facility managers (FMs) may consider the choice of maintenance strategies as an important factor. For most organisations, having a property that is well maintained is crucial to cutting costs, saving time and energy, and most importantly, ensuring occupant comfort. There are generally three different […]

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