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Three top product picks providing today’s best FM solutions

Improvement and innovation are key to helping provide solutions to the daily challenges facing today’s facilities managers. Product-focused professionals have identified three of the next big solutions in the market which will also be showcased at Total Facilities 2018, Australia’s single most important facilities management event and marketplace for FM buyers and suppliers.

Hot desk, green desk, no desk – how the economics of ergonomics is driving workplace change

Nov 8, 2017 Wellbeing

Sitting up straight and doing stretches at a standing desk- these are the images often conjured up by the word ergonomics but it is so much more. Leading experts tell us that sound ergonomic practices keep employees healthy, increase productivity in the long term and lessen the risk of workers’ compensation lawsuits.

Five Fabulous Hotel Designs

Hotels are so hot right now. All over the world, global brands are shifting and merging to provide guests with the most memorable hotel experiences, and capitalise on a growing demographic obsessed with the latest trends. In Australia, the hotel market is growing too; it’s about time. And for the first time in many years, there’s a smorgasbord of new hotel builds offering architects and designers an opportunity to have some fun and frivolity, while delivering some serious luxury and high-tech smarts. Here’s our round up of the latest and greatest.

Debunking 3 top myths in facilities management

Gone are the days of facility management practitioners flying under the radar, unseen and unsociable compared to other roles within the sector. Today, the perception versus reality presents a very different picture, and practitioners are taking up diverse roles all the way to the C-suites.

Big Data, BloT and BIM – buzz words or bigger, braver new world?

Sep 22, 2017 Technology

Zettabytes, Building Internet of Things (BIoT), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Big Data are just some of the latest terms being incorporated into the daily vocabulary of Facility Managers around the country.

Facility Managers on the front line of business productivity

Industry trends, mega trends, innovative disruptors, six sigma strategies to improve efficiencies. These are just some of the buzz words bandied around in C-Suite boardrooms. But day-to-day innovation and business improvement lies with the industry front liners – the facility managers (FMs) themselves.

Taking a Stand: Tennant Company on exhibiting at Total Facilities

Forward-thinking companies exhibit at Total Facilities to attract big business and stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. We chat to one of them – Rebecca Wall at Tennant Company, Australia’s leader in creating global cleaning solutions.

The Importance of Green Targets for Facilities Managers

Green, renewable, sustainable. These are buzzwords which are now commonplace in facilities meetings across Australia.

FM efficiencies directly impacting C-Suite agendas

C-Suite executives need to better understand the key business indicators that promote value in an organisation and how Facility Managers can help improve performance. That’s the view of Martin Leitch, consultant to Total Facilities, Australia’s single most important facilities management (FM) event.

Open House Melbourne: Regeneration the word on the street

It’s now been 10 years since Open House Melbourne first threw open its doors to a delighted, design curious city. In 2017’s anniversary edition, Annie Reid discovers how regeneration can keep changing a city for the better.