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VIDEO: Eli Court, ClimateWorks Australia

Ahead of Total Facilities 2018 Speaker Series, we interviewed Eli Court, Project Manager at ClimateWorks who is managing the program to help transition the built environment sector to net zero emissions by 2050.

NSW flushes rivals away as 2018 Best Bathroom finalists announced.

Australia’s eagerly anticipated 2018 Best Bathroom Competition – brought to you by Initial – is coming to an exciting close, with the judges announcing the top four well-deserving finalists: NSW has come up trumps with three out of the top four – Merrylands RSL Club, Memocorp’s 259 George Street and Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College and one southern representation in the Tasmanian Land Conservancy.

Protecting your business from the cladding controversy

The use of external cladding has been in the news all too often recently. In response to recent tragedies, our Federal and state governments have put in place measures to address the use of combustible cladding, like flammable aluminium composite panels (ACPs), and other non-conforming building materials. These measures subject the facilities management area to higher scrutiny and regulation as businesses, governments and tenants try to protect themselves and reduce their risk.

VIDEO: Adam Beck, CEO, Smart Cities Council Australia & NZ

Mar 29, 2018 Technology

Ahead of Total Facilities 2018 Speaker Series, Adam Beck, Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia & NZ provides insights into building smart.

Fighting bacteria one bathroom at a time

While methods to clean and sanitise bathroom facilities vary, the need to measure the effectiveness of cleaning practices is becoming universal. And ATP testing – adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal unit of energy in all living cells – immediately determines if surfaces truly are clean.

How to make your smart building drive profits up

Mar 21, 2018 Technology

Maintenance and upkeep of building assets once required plenty of hands on work by facility managers to ensure everything kept running smoothly. But the advent of smart buildings is changing this, with the Internet of Things now allowing for sensors and data-farming devices to be installed in any asset of a building.

VIDEO: Take your assets to a whole new ‘smarter’ level

Clients and occupants are demanding more from their buildings. Today’s facilities are expected to be sustainable, collaborative and efficient and with the rise of IoT, the potential to interact with our building environment has never been more attainable.

Artificial intelligence and cleaning

Robot cleaning products are not a new concept. Devices like iRobot’s Roomba and the Electrolux Trilobite have been crawling around floors by themselves for almost two decades. But these devices are primitive compared to what is in the pipeline now, with cleaning appliances that are able to learn, adapt and improve their operations as they’re being developed and released on the market.

First round of industry speakers announced for Total Facilities

Learn about innovative building compliance, understand how to adapt FM practices to reduce waste, or marvel at the latest smart buildings with the latest IoT technologies. These are just some of the topics to be addressed during the Speaker Series at this year’s Total Facilities.

Forget Tesla’s big battery: it’s the smaller ones you want

Last year, the world gasped as Tesla’s Elon Musk won a bet to build the world’s biggest battery system in South Australia, within 100 days. Elsewhere, though, facilities managers are finding smaller batteries are also a good bet for energy management.