Sustainability & Energy Management

Making the switch for more efficient and sustainable workplaces

CitySwitch is a growing partnership that supports commercial tenants to improve office energy, waste efficiency, and make a positive impact on climate change. Currently, 831 tenancies have signed up covering an impressive 23.6 million sqm. Annie Reid chats to Danielle King, Greater Metro Program Manager – CitySwitch, about what makes it tick.

VIDEO: Eli Court, ClimateWorks Australia

Ahead of Total Facilities 2018 Speaker Series, we interviewed Eli Court, Project Manager at ClimateWorks who is managing the program to help transition the built environment sector to net zero emissions by 2050.

Forget Tesla’s big battery: it’s the smaller ones you want

Last year, the world gasped as Tesla’s Elon Musk won a bet to build the world’s biggest battery system in South Australia, within 100 days. Elsewhere, though, facilities managers are finding smaller batteries are also a good bet for energy management.

Making cities more liveable, workable and sustainable

Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (SCCANZ) is the latest internationally-acclaimed partner of Total Facilities 2018, Australia’s leading facilities management event and marketplace for FM buyers and suppliers taking place in Melbourne in April.

The Importance of Green Targets for Facilities Managers

Green, renewable, sustainable. These are buzzwords which are now commonplace in facilities meetings across Australia.

Three top tips on how FMs are staying one step ahead of regulatory compliance

A closer look at the key issues facing facilities managers seeking to protect their people, assets and the environment

Smart buildings are WELL and good but how sustainable are they?

Against the backdrop of our current energy ”˜crisis’, facilities managers (FMs) nationwide are looking at ways to improve the ever-increasing standards in energy efficiency across the built environment commercial sector. While energy monitoring and new approaches to energy efficiency are providing FMs with the ability to reduce energy costs, is this enough to ensure WELL guidelines can continue to be met and sustained?

Is sustainability keeping up with the conscious consumer?

With sustainability crucial to reducing costs, improving operational performance and efficiencies, not to mention enhancing customer trust, more than ever the pressure is on businesses to keep up with growing demands for ethical behaviour and transparency in everything from employee rights to the supply chain.

Just how green is your green cleaning team?

The issue of product substitution can be a big problem in the built environment industries. Architects will specify one particular product to go into a project, but then somewhere along the line, a different product gets used instead – and often the architect or developer is unaware of the swap. This can be especially problematic […]

Sustainable development trends are improving the built environment

Sustainable development efforts worldwide have achieved some success in many sectors, including the built environment. According to Kate Harris, CEO of ecolabelling nonprofit Good Environmental Choice Australia, several key trends will strengthen the demand for sustainable development over the next 15 years. GECA’s mission, Harris said, is to drive sustainable consumption and production by developing […]