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Breathing new life into old buildings

Industrial building conversion has become increasingly common in residential real estate, but what happens when a heritage building loses its shine and is reinvigorated to generate new business? The results can be magical. We’ve found six Australian offices that have breathed new life into buildings built between the 1880s and 1970s.

5 work spaces that look like home

Modern manifestations of work, play and home continue to blur the boundaries of conventional office spaces. We’re already experiencing fit outs as luxe as lounge rooms, but what about boardrooms that mirror dining rooms? Or outdoor work areas as cosy as courtyards? Here’s our round up of the newest and most stylish work spaces that’ll have you seeing double. So, while there’s no place like home, your work space isn’t far behind.

Five Fabulous Hotel Designs

Hotels are so hot right now. All over the world, global brands are shifting and merging to provide guests with the most memorable hotel experiences, and capitalise on a growing demographic obsessed with the latest trends. In Australia, the hotel market is growing too; it’s about time. And for the first time in many years, there’s a smorgasbord of new hotel builds offering architects and designers an opportunity to have some fun and frivolity, while delivering some serious luxury and high-tech smarts. Here’s our round up of the latest and greatest.

Open House Melbourne: Regeneration the word on the street

It’s now been 10 years since Open House Melbourne first threw open its doors to a delighted, design curious city. In 2017’s anniversary edition, Annie Reid discovers how regeneration can keep changing a city for the better.

Seamless Silence

There’s no doubt timber is a reliable acoustic material, and Ceilector’s Timber collection is superior. Along with product – both standard panels and cusomised – they offer the technical project support required for all types of various applications. The result is a professional finish and optimal acoustics. In the recent fit-out of SC Johnson’s 2,400sqm […]

Ceiling Tiles for Office Acoustics

By CSR Ceilector Ceiling Solutions In order for people in the workplace to perform at their highest standard, a good sound environment is imperative. Unwanted sounds can increase the feeling of stress and can lower motivation levels in employees. However, providing a good sound environment is one of the most rewarding investments a business can […]